About Nekta-Vite Bird Feeders

Nekta-Vite Garden Bird Feeders

NEKTA-VITE presents a comprehensive range of safe, accessible, practical and predator-discouraging freehanging and free-standing feeding stations for all species of Passerines (perching birds).

Nekta-Vite bird feederThere are some 9,000 species of birds in our world, of which over 5,000 species are passerines. Australia has over 500 species of land birds, including 66 species of honeyeaters, and our unique flora (more than any other area in the world – approximately 15,000 species) provide the source directly or indirectly of all the foods from which native birds instinctively feed. Insects (some 200,000 species) are a percentage of nearly all passerines daily intake and provide a high protein, low fat meal.

Birds not only share our environment but are very important contributors and indicators of maintaining a balanced environment.

NEKTA-VITE Bird Feeders are constructed from a combination of plastics, Australian Ash (perches and bowl assembly) and are weatherproofed.


Nectar Feeder cylinders are tinted green with gold canopy and gold bowl.

Seed Feeding cylinder is light brown with terracotta coloured canopy and bowl.

Feeding Tray is terracotta in colour.

(Hanging – all supplied with hooks)