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Nekta-Vite Manufacturing & Sales

Feeding wild birdsNEKTA-VITE VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT for birds is specially balanced for native and aviary birds. The formulation has been approved by all Australian Departments of Agriculture and is a stable and non-fermenting, beneficial vitamin supplement, well proven since its introduction in 1980.

Hundreds of thousands of birds across Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Malaysia benefit from NEKTA-VITE VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT. Formulated, thoroughly field tested and approved by all the appropriate Australian authorities, notable customers are:

NEKTA-VITE GARDEN BIRD FEEDERS were introduced as a single nectar feeder, the A model, now our large feeder. Today the NEKTA-VITE range has been extended to cater for the majority of Australia's 500 species of passerines (perching birds).

A contribution every garden bird lover can make to conserving wild birds is to establish their own garden bird sanctuary and benefit from the pleasure and satisfaction of a healthy bird population.