Recipes for using Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement

Seed Cone

For seed eating birds, finches, sparrows, doves, etc.

  1. Mix together 3 level teaspoonfuls (6g) gelatin powder, 4 level teaspoonfuls (8g) glucose powder and 1 level teaspoonful (2g) Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement.
  2. Place 200g bird seed (canary or budgerigar mix) in a separate mixing bowl;
  3. Add 1 teaspoon (4ml) glycerine to 50ml of hot water then stir this mixture into the gelatin/glucose/Nekta-Vite mixture until the powders dissolve;
  4. Add this mixture to the bird seed in the mixing bowl and mix thoroughly;
  5. Select two 250ml disposable plastic drinking containers, lightly grease insides with margarine or vegetable oil, cut lengths (120mm) of plastic drinking straw to place in containers and firmly compress the seed mixture around the straws;
  6. Allow to dry at room temperature for 7 to 10 days (depending on weather conditions) then the dry seed cones may be tapped out of the containers and hung inside a further 3 days to harden before hanging in the tree.

NOTE: To suspend the seed cone (or solid food), take a suitable size metal or plastic jar cap with a hole punched in the centre, feed a length of light gauge wire through the straw in the cone and through the hole in the cap and suspend from a light branch. Nylon fishing line can be used instead of the wire to discourage possums if necessary. The length of the line limits the size of birds able to gain an effective purchase on the seedcone.