Recipes for using Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement


For all nectar eating birds – honeyeaters, lorikeets, etc

  1. Part-fill a litre jug with water – warm water will hasten solution;
  2. Add half a cup (100g) of sugar to the water;
  3. Add one level teaspoonful (2g) of Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement to the sugar and water;
  4. Stir until sugar and Nekta-Vite powder have dissolved then top up the water to make 1 litre and pour into the Nekta-Vite nectar feeder.

NOTE: Although we caution that the activity in some vitamins in the made-up nectar begin to diminish after seven days, the shelf-life of the dry Vitamin Supplement is eighteen months. For convenience, 4 to 5 litres may be made up at a time and stored in a cool place without material loss of activity, or stored in the refrigerator well labelled as being for bird use only. For aviary and caged birds Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement is an excellent additive to drinking water – half a teaspoon (1g) of Nekta-Vite Vitamin Supplement to 1 litre of water.